Places to Go in Argentina

With an abundance of exotic wildlife, Jaw-dropping scenery, colonial cities and towns rifle with a vibrant culture and superb cuisine, it is no wonder Argentina is a well-known travel destination. Argentina is located in the Southern region of South American and in the 16th, and 17th centuries the country was colonized by Spain but before a few indigenous tribes sparsely inhabited it. Today, the country is independent featuring a variety of landscapes ranging from thick jungle to fertile plains, impressive glaciers, pastoral steppes, and majestic mountains.

Below is an overview of the best places to visit when you travel to Argentina.

1. Cordoba

Cordoba is the country’s second largest city and also the geographical center of Argentina. Surrounded by mountains and Picturesque valleys, Cordoba is popularly known for its Spanish colonial buildings located in the city. Majority of these historic places such as monuments and churches are located in the center of the city an area known as Jesuit Block.

2. Puerto Madryn

Due to its beautiful beaches, Puerto Madryn is a well-known summer destination although sometimes the water is very cold. As a result of recent tourism explosion, the city has undergone rapid growth. Also, whale watching tours are popular in the area wherein in the months of July or September Whales are very close to the shore and can be viewed from mainland.

3. Ushuaia

Formerly used as a punitive province due to its confined area, Ushuaia’s remote magnificence is currently what makes it a standout among the most mainstream spots to visit in Argentina. Located in Beagle city, Ushuaia is seen as the world’s most southernmost city being a popular area for wildlife viewing, winter games and Antarctica travels.

4. Bariloche

With its Swiss-style architecture, snow-capped mountains, chocolate shops, and colorful setting of clean lakes, San Carlos de Bariloche has a village appearance in Switzerland. Also, it an attractive city in the Río Negro Province of Argentina. San Carlos, also commonly known as Bariloche also serves as the gateway to outdoor adventures and spectacular landscapes. Know what happens when you drink lemon water so you’d know to bring yourself one when travelling. The neighboring mountains are favorite for snow skiing, and the largest South American ski station is located at Cerro Catedral.